Scenic Route

“Scenic Route” drives you through the winding but beautiful ways of life. Songs about the pursuit of love and the inner truth of the soul tell the many life experiences of a young man, who deeply insists on looking for the beauty hidden in every corner of this scenic route. 

Written by Kiol
Produced by Pietro Giay
Published by Machiavelli Music


“Stay”, along with the singles “Make It Happen” and “Over The Weather, is the bridge between Kiol’s first and second album. 

Written during Pandemic, these songs tell stories of passionate love and life adventures.

Written by Kiol
Produced by Pietro Giay
Published by Kiol

Techno Drug Store

“Techno Drug Store” marks a sonic leap on for Kiol. 

His folk-rock influences of old – Nutini, Mumford & Sons and Ben Howard – still surface in his catchy choruses and use of acoustic guitar, but self-produced using Logic, the new songs are more electronic, with hip hop drums, dashes of disco and lashings of playful pop.

Written by Kiol
Produced by Federico Puttilli
Published by JOIN Records


“Mallow”, an arena-pop singalong tune, represent the beginning of Kiol as a musician. Tells the story of his Irish experience in the city of Mallow, where he discovered the passion for folk music. “Mallow”, along with the single “No Peace”, is the result of Kiol’s collaboration with the french producer Dimitri Tikovoi.

Written by Kiol
Produced by Dimitri Tikovoi
Published by JOIN Records

I Come As I Am

“I Come as I Am” released on Warner Music Benelux in 2017, spawned the million-plus streaming hits Broken Up Again and Wrinkless, which soundtracked a Fiat 500 ad.

Written by Kiol
Produced by Simone Momo Riva
Published by Warner Music Benelux

& Studio Experiences

In 2018, at the Grouse Lodge Studios (Dublin), Kiol collaborated with Paolo Nutini’s producer Dani Castelar on his second single Hard Things.

In 2019, at the famous Bus Space Studios in London, he worked with producer Dimitri Tikovoi (Placebo, Blondie) on the songs Mallow and No Peace.

During the pandemic, isolating at the seaside with his girlfirend, Kiol managed to record “Make it Happen”, “Over the Weather” and “Stay” by building a recording studio in a little basement in front of the sea, with the help of a long-time friend and producer Pietro Giay.